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"Worldclass automobiles in the garden of Schwetzingen Palace"

The Internat. Concours d'Elegance Automobile - CLASSIC-GALA SCHWETZINGEN is a classic-car event, which is one of the leading exhibitions for high-quality classic-cars.

The exhibition of at least 180 of the most exclusive and most beautiful classic-cars of the world is recognized by the specialised media as one of the most important events for classic-cars. 

The annual event showcases coachbuilt cars of all decades.

You can also experience special theme exhibitions and brand-parades.

""Experience a time journey through the automobile-history"

There takes place a journey through time, from 1890 until 1990, during the Internat. Concours d'Elegance Automobile - CLASSIC-GALA SCHWETZINGEN.

Starting from the veterans until 1904, discover the imperial era until 1918, followed by the expansion of the 20ies and the first prime of the 30ies. In the western part of the garden you can find the cars of the economical wonder and the dreams of the 60ies.

It continues with exotic cars of the 70ies and the classics of the future as well as the Super-sport-cars.

"A classic-car event for all ages"

You will not find any other event where you can see classic-cars sorted in context of history in such spacious and exclusive area like in Schwetzingen. It is a festival for artists, culture lovers and photographers.

The amazing and unique garden of Schwetzingen Palace sets the stage for an exclusive event for all ages.

classic-cars from 1890 to 1990 | marked stands | art exhibition
live-music | fashion shows | culinary offerings
jewellery & watches | special theme shows | US-Classic Car Concours

Special-Shows 2024
120 years Rolls-Royce | 125 years OPEL | 85 / 75 years Borgward Isabella | 100 years MG & Chrysler
20th anniversary of Concours d'Elegance Schwetzingen